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What Are The Differences Between Hiking and Trekking?

What is Hiking?

According to the technical definition, hiking is a recreational activity you can plan in a short amount of time. When I think of hiking, I think of a 1-day adventure.

A hike can be anywhere from 1 miles up to whatever you are comfortable hiking in a shorter amount of time. In my opinion, once you pull out sleeping materials you are no longer in the hiking zone.

What is Trekking?

Even though the definition states trekking is arduous, it does not have to be difficult. A trek can last anywhere from 2 days to 200 years. If you are on a multi-day expedition, it is considered to be a trek.


Typically half day to full day

Hikes range from easy to strenuous

Man-made sign posts

Fewer necessities to bring along

Less expensive

Physically strenuous

Man-made roads and trails

Great for beginners

You can pack enough water


Two or more days

Trekking is more intense

Few to no sign posts

More materials necessary

More expensive

Physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually challenging

Variety of terrain and/or transportation

A step up in difficulty from hiking

You must plan ahead for water consumption

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